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Giant Hogweed

The threat lurking in the undergrowth

CAUTION: Skin contact with this plant leads to painful blisters with exposure to sunlight.  The affected skin can remain sensitive to light and/or scar for several years.  Correct personal protective equipment is essential  when working with or near this plant.

Giant Hogweed in an overgrown area.

Unlike Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed does respond well and rapidly to spraying with herbicide.  This is best done early in the growing season before the plants have matured.  Early treatment is also essential to prevent a flower head forming and thereby breaking the cycle of spreading seeds that in turn create new pants in future years.

Whilst easy to kill an individual plant, Giant Hogweed is difficult to eradicate as thousands of seeds are spread over tens of metres around the plant.  The seeds can remain viable for several years and so annual management inspections for the plant must be incorporated into the control strategy.

With BRD’s in house team, inspection and spraying visits can be arranged to help solve this problem.