Geotechnical and
Environmental Services

Specialists in the investigation, assessment and reclamation
of development land.

In-situ Treatment

We don't always have to dig it up to clean it up!

For some contamination issues, particularly those related to groundwater, excavation of the contaminated soil for treatment may not be necessary.  In its simplest form, so called insitu remedial treatment may comprise Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA).  As the name implies, natural mechanisms in the ground will act to reduce or eliminate certain contaminants.  Such processes are monitored over several years to confirm the objectives of the clean up will be  achieved. 

Another insitu remediation techniques may be to install a barrier around the contaminated soil such as constructing a clay wall within the ground to stop the movement of contaminants.  Near landfills, permeable barriers may be installed to protect developments from hazardous gases by allowing the gas to vent to atmosphere.

BRD have also undertaken several remediation projects where special chemicals are injected into the soils to treat the contaminated soils.