Geotechnical and
Environmental Services

Specialists in the investigation, assessment and reclamation
of development land.


Cost effective remediation design to eliminate contamination issues

Double chambered underground fuel storage tank in the process of being removed as part of remedial works.

Once a site investigation has identified contamination issues at a site, the next step is to design an appropriate remediation solution.  The remediation strategy report describes the objectives of the remediation, may include a remediation options appraisal, discusses the site specific constraints, details the remediation steps to be undertaken, discusses contingency arrangements and describes how the remediation will be verified.

Unlike some of our competitors who concentrate only on identifying contamination problems with investigation, BRD focus on delivering the remediation solutions to release the full potential of your development.   Consultants at BRD have direct experience of a massive range of the numerous remediation techniques available.  As we have no ties to any one particular method our advice is always independent.   BRD also operate as remediation contractor for some Clients and so this ‘hands on’ activity feeds back into our remediation design to ensure the practicality of our strategies.

BRD are therefore ideally placed to provide the remediation design that best meets the needs of the site and the Client.