Geotechnical and
Environmental Services

Specialists in the investigation, assessment and reclamation
of development land.


Ensuring the remediation runs smoothly

An essential part of the remediation process is supervision by a Geo-Environmental Consultant to ensure that the objectives are being met.  The supervising consultant also collects data throughout the process that supports the remediation verification.  Such data can include diary records, photographic evidence, excavation drawings, on site testing and obtaining confirmatory samples for laboratory analysis.  Some areas of the site may also have been inaccessible during the investigation stage and so during demolition the supervision by an environmental professional can advise as ground conditions are revealed. 

Supervision also provides the opportunity of ensuring best value for the Client by tailoring the remediation to the actual ground conditions encountered.  Whilst a good overview of the extent of contamination may be gained from the investigation data, the real situation may only be revealed when the whole ground is exposed in a remedial excavation.   For example, a diesel leak may have migrated preferentially along a service trench rather than spreading very far into the surrounding soils.  By directing the contractor to only excavate the old service trench, the volume of contaminated soil generated and thereby the associated treatment or disposal costs are significantly reduced.

As well as supervising our own  projects, BRD also undertake remediation supervision on a contract basis on behalf of other consultants.