Geotechnical and
Environmental Services

Specialists in the investigation, assessment and reclamation
of development land.


"Virtually every structure is supported by soil or rock. Those that aren't either fly, float or fall over!" R Hardy 1995

A useful quote to illustrate the fundamental importance the properties of the ground are to everything we build upon it and yet it can still be an uphill struggle to persuade Clients to invest in appropriate geotechnical investigation. 

BRD can design ground investigations and select particular techniques as appropriate to the planned structure.  Once the information is gathered we can provide detailed advice on the best foundation solution for the development including practical construction considerations.

In recent years the construction of basements has become increasingly popular.  BRD have completed numerous ground investigations to collect the necessary data and provide detailed advice to allow adequate design of not only the basement itself, but also the temporary works necessary to allow its construction. 

Several projects have been completed in central London with significant access constraints and BRD have access to dedicated hand digging crews and special reduced head room drilling rigs.  Other drilling rigs that can be broken down into parts carried by hand means that as long as there is a standard doorway available we can get the equipment in.